Amherst Bicentennial Gala

Director:  Aaron Connor

Taking place on September 8th, 2018, the Amherst Bicentenial Gala celebrates 200 years of history in the town of Amherst.

Interviews by Susan Grelick, Herbert Schmidt, Tom Ralabate, Marilyn Ciancio, Brian Kulpa, and State Senator Michael Ranzenhofer offer a wonderful look into the event, and the year of celebration.

For more information, see the Amherst Bicentennial Commission website, or Facebook page.

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September 8th, 2018
Amherst Bicentennial Gala
Voices of the Williamsville Cemetery

Director:  Aaron Connor

"Take a tour of the Williamsville Cemetery and meet folks who helped shape Amherst like Supervisor Hopkins, Michael Snyder and Christian Eggert. Hear about their adventures and enjoy musical selections from their life and times."

Presented by the Amherst Bicentennial Commission, and sponsored by the Main Street Deli and Kristy Tasca Photography.

Program Director: Julianna Woite

Musical Director: Andrew Harvey

Cast: Karen Hamm, Alex Rodriguez, Susan Grelick, Marguerite Call, Robert Humphrey, James Tammaro, Olivia Retallack, Drake Retallack, Wendy Woite, Douglas Short, Dave Sherman, Lily Gruninger, Mitchell Snyder Woite, Julianna Woite, Andrew Harvey, and Gregory Pigeon

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Voices of the Williamsville Cemetery
Amherst Bicentennial